Michaela Kleinová

Things I do:

I listen, collect, record, tell, imagine and write stories.

I teach and learn. All my life. I teach English and learn everything what makes a sense.

I create. Often and I love it. I´m crazy about hand-made creation of any kind. There doesn´t exist anything I haven´t tried, yet. And if so, sure I plan to try it.

What makes me happy:

My daughter. And my man.

To make happy other people.

Chocolate. Coffee. Books. Nice things. Good music. Smiles. Solitude.

To make senseless goals. I know, you don´t understand this. So, for example, if I pass the street without walking on a channel, the weather will be nice. No, I´m not crazy, I´m just little bit different.

My logo MW:

The thing that characterize me all my life. My name. Particularly my maiden name. Michaela Warenichová.

My colour – blue as endless ocean and sky. And less poetic – my favourite colour.

Symmetry and geometry. Simplicity and clear shapes.